The restaurant industry has increased its focus on sustainability, and many restaurants are taking an active part in creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable meals.

An increasing amount of guests (wish to) make the more sustainable choice - even when they decide on where to go to dine.

Now, it has made much easier not only to award the dining places that are putting in the extra effort but also for the guest to find these places. 

GREEN RESTAURANT is a new tool to turn the focus on sustainable food and cooking. Where other labels have chosen to focus on certain parts of the sustainable food agenda such as organic produce, elimination of food waste or energy use.

GREEN RESTAURANT includes all of topics and has a much wider focus. To be exact the criteria for becoming certified as a GREEN RESTAURANT covers 12 areas including water management, the three areas listed above and many more.

Builds on the Green Key Concept

The Danish Outdoor Council in collaboration with HORESTA created Green Key. An environmental certification for hotels, which is now present in more than 60 countries awarded to more than 3000 tourism companies. The experiences from Green Key has served as foundation for the creation of this new certification. Green Key primarily focuses on conference and accommodation - hotels in particular. Therefore, there is an inherent need for a scheme that focuses on restaurants making it easier for the guests to navigate and find the more sustainable options.
HORESTA and the Danish Outdoor Council therefore decided to create a clone of Green Key targeting restaurants and other dining places under the name of "GREEN RESTAURANT".

A Certification to be Trusted

To the founding parties behind "GREEN RESTAURANT" is it crucial for the certification to be completely trustworthy and transparent, which is why they have decided to build the concept on a renowned concept such as Green Key. Green Key is known for its strict criteria, and a rigorous application - and control process where the applications are handled and approved by a jury. 

..with a close relation to the industry

It is vital for the certification to be closely related to the industry. This enables it to be easy to access, promote as well as understand for the guests. Therefore, we are marketing this scheme in collaboration with the restaurants.